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  • 1、 About Winbo Mall
  • Winbo Smart Tech Co., Ltd has been focusing on researching both 3D printing technology and 3D printing service platform. Winbo Smart is an R & D high-tech enterprise dedicated to 3D printing equipments, 3D printing materials, 3D printing models as well as 3D printing applications. Our main business includes 3D printers, 3D printing smart production lines, 3D printing materials, 3D printing models, 3D printing products as well as 2D custom personalized products. Also we provide 3D printing services as well as 2D / 3D maker platform.


    Under the guideline of Industrial Revolution 4.0 Thinking, Winbo Smart has been sparing no effort to build up Winbo Smart Micro-Factory which accords with the demands of “global design, local production” distributed manufacturing model, energy conservation, high efficiency, small batches and personalization.


    Winbo Smart covers an area of manufacturing space and workshops around 30 Mu (Chinese unit ofarea mu, which is 1/15 of a hectare), the current building area is 20, 000 square meters. It has import and export right . Our major markets in China, European, USA, Asian and so on. Besides strict implementation of Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001: 2000), Environmental Management System (ISO14001: 2004), fast delivery and competitive prices, Winbo Smart also has excellent management, R &D team and experienced front-line workers, using advanced manufacturing equipments and mature manufacturing technology to enable Winbo Smart reputable at home and abroad.


    Winbo whole building


    Winbo 3D Printer

    Winbo 3D Printed Objects


    Winbo smart micro-factory


    Winbo office

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  • 2、 Contact us

  •    Customer Service Department

               Contact: Mr.Xu

               Tel: +8620 3152 2818


               Skype: winbo02

       Content, flow cooperation:

               Contact: Mr. Sun

               Tel: +8620 3152 2818

               QQ: 2355566721

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  • 3、 User Agreement

  •    "User Agreement" (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") is agreement about Winbo products, model and services between you (or "user" means the register, log on, use to browse the service of individuals or organizations) and Winbo Smart and its affiliated companies (hereinafter referred to as "WINBO” ") as well as its co-operating units (hereinafter referred to as" co-operation ") on Winbo Mall (, referred to as the website).

       Winbo remind you to read and fully understand --- the terms of this Agreement, including the exclusion or limitation of liability of Winbo disclaimer and restrictions on the rights of users. Please read carefully and choose to accept or not to accept this agreement (minors should be read in legal guardian). Unless you accept the terms of this Agreement, or you have no right to register, log in or related services covered by this agreement. Your registration, login, use and other behavior deemed to be acceptance of this agreement and agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement.

       Your acceptance of this agreement to be bound by all the terms that is voluntary, including any modifications made to accept Winbo smart for any of the Terms of Service at any time. This Agreement may be updated by Winbo at any time, terms of the agreement that is updated once published replace the original terms of the agreement, without further notice, users can consult the latest version of the agreement terms on website. After Winbo amend the relevant provisions of this Agreement, if the user does not accept the revised terms, please stop using the service provided by Winbo, users continue to use the service Winbo provided will be deemed to accept the revised agreement.

       1. The user usage rules

       1) You do not need a user account to browse this site. However, some website functions, Winbo products, programs and services that require you to register WINBO account. If you want to use this site and Winbo products, programs and services of more functions, you must register the account and provide personal information on the registration page. You can follow the website instructions terminate the use of your account at any time, this site will retain or terminate your account in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement. You must promise and guarantee:

       •You understand and agree that the site is an [application service product], the user must register information on the authenticity, legality, validity take full responsibility; user may not impersonate others, can not use any information released on behalf of others; do not malicious cause other users to use a registered account misidentification; otherwise we have the right to immediately stop providing services, you alone bear all legal liability arising therefrom.

       • Your use of this website and Winbo products, models and services must be legitimate, you must register under the account responsible for all acts, including any content you post and any resulting outcome for themselves. Users respond to the contents of which to be judged on their own, and bear all risks arising from the use of content, including the risk of the contents of the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of dependent arising. Winbo Smart can not bear any loss or liability resulting from user behavior.

       • your login information confidential, not to be acquired and used by someone else and are responsible for all of your behavior below this account at this site. You have to notify the site anything that might violate the law, unauthorized use or suspected unauthorized use of behavior the first time, the site does not bear any responsibility and damage cause your failing to comply with the above requirements.

       Information you publish through this site for public information, other third parties can obtain information published by users through this platform, users publish any information that is recognized by the information is public information, and  liable for this behavior individually; Any user do not  want to be informed of other third person information should not be published on the internet.

       2) You must acknowledge and confirm that:

       •under the business development needs, unilaterally, in whole or part of the services the contents of this service without any notice at any time circumstances change, suspend, restrict, terminate or revoke the rights of our service, users need to bear this risk.


       •services we offer may include advertising and other activities, users agree to display advertisements and other activities related parties and our third-party suppliers, partners in use.

       •We reserve the right at its sole discretion for any reason, in violation of relevant laws and regulations or this agreement; or violations, prejudice, threatening the rights or safety of any content, or fake the behavior of others, we shall have the right to stop the transmission of any related content and the right in its sole discretion against anyone who violates the agreement to take appropriate legal action, including but not limited to, delete from the illicit nature of the service, infringement, and other inappropriate content, terminate violators membership, prevent the use of all or part of our service, and save in accordance with the laws and regulations related to information reporting to the relevant authorities.


       2. User Content

       1) User Content refers to the user to download, publish, or other way use the Site and Winbo products and services generated all contents (for example: your information, pictures, applications, or other content); you are your The only responsible for user content, you will be liable to you or any third party to be identified because of the risk of your users disclosures caused.

       2) you via upload, distribute or other way use your product risk and the text on this site, the user content model and services deemed authorized automatically and commitments and ensure that you have the right to authorize give us an irrevocable, non-exclusive , royalty-free, worldwide license and paid in full, for:

       •only offer you this site and Winbo product and service, or improve this website and Winbo products and services purpose of the model, copy, distribute, publicly display and perform, prepare derivative works of, or incorporate into other works otherwise use your user account (excluding your personal information); and the transfer of the license granted to the above matters;

       •only provide the personal information to the intended recipient, copy, distribute your personal information in user content;

       •You agree to irrevocably abandon (and can result in abandonment) Statement on moral rights and ownership of your User Content.

       3.User rights and obligations

       1)The legitimate right to use this site;

       2)Ownership of Winbo account belongs to Winbo, based on the account security considerations prohibit the use of other people's phone numbers, e-mail address registered WINBO account. After you complete the application for registration formalities to obtain the right to use Winbo account, which only belongs to the initial application for the right to use a registrant is prohibited gift, loan, lease, transfer or sale. Winbo has the right to reclaim the user's account due to operational needs;

       3)User have the right to change, delete personal information on this site, registration information and publish content, but users should bear the risk to delete the relevant information will cause lose the text and pictures in the system;

       4)Users are responsible for keeping register account information and account passwords, you need to bear the legal responsibility for the behavior of registered accounts and passwords. Users agree not to use other members of the account or password under any circumstances. If you suspect someone else using your account or password, you agree to notify WINBO immediately.

       You may not do any form of license, sell,lease, transfer, distribute or make other commercial uses with contents of this website or Winbo products, models and services (including,but not limited to, content or products in the advertising or sponsored content)You may not create the same or competitive services for the purpose of visiting the website or use Winbo products,models and services Unless the law expressly provides otherwise,you can not to use any any form or by copy, distribute,republish, download, display, post, modify, translate, merge, use,disassemble or reverse compilation with this website or Winbo products,models and services (including, but not limited to the content or product advertising or sponsored content)You agree that by uploading, posting or otherwise use this site or Winbo products, programs and services in the course, you will assume all legal liability for the risks caused by the willful generated: the destruction of the Constitution determined the basic principles Endangering national security, leaking state secrets, subverting state power, undermining national unity;harm national honor and interests; incitement to ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination,undermining national unity;violate the state religion policies or propagate cult and feudal superstition Spreading rumors, disturbs social order or undermines social stability; spreading obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, homicide, terror or instigate crimes; insult or slander others, infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests;containing laws, administrative regulations prohibited other contents You agree not to engage in the following activities: upload or post computer viruses, worms,malicious code, vandalism or change data in a computer system or software with this site or Winbo products,models and services;unauthorized circumstances,the collection of other users information or data,such as e-mail addresses,etc.

       Disable this website network connection to this site cause excessive burden or otherwise interfere with or damage the site server and network links; in the case of unauthorized attempt to access the website, server, or network links this site Interference,sabotage other users normal use of the website or Winbo products,models and services.


       1)You have agreed to the use of this website harmless cultural risk products, models and services, to avoid Winbo related behaviors because of the following acts or suffer any complaints from third parties, claims, losses, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses (including, but not limited to attorneys' fees): You use this site and cultural risk products, behavioral models and services; your user Content; your violation of this Agreement.

       2)User Content refers to the user to download, publish, or otherwise use the site and Winbo products, all produced content model and services (for example: your information, pictures, models or other content); You are your User Content the only person responsible, you will be liable to you or any third party to be identified because of the risk of your users disclosures caused.

       3)You agree that unless Winbo written consent, you may not unilaterally reconciliation between you and Winbo joint lawsuit brought against third parties.

       4)Winbo will make reasonable efforts to such litigation, acts or processes to inform you.

       5)In any case, the text is not fight you or any third party due to this Agreement for any indirect, consequential, exemplary, incidental, special or punitive damages liability. Access to and use of the website and text stroke risk damage to the computer system products, models and services produced or mobile device database will be at your own risk.

       5. Disclaimer 


       1)If the following situation occurs, Winbo does not take any legal responsibility: The risk that the third party is identified;


       ·Your personal information is provided according to the laws or the requirements of relevant government departments;

       ·Any personal information leak out due to your improper use or other personal reasons;

       ·Any situation that cannot meet the requirement of users, such as service is interrupted or blocked due to any hacker attack, invasion of computer virus, shielding of illegal content and harassment information, government regulation, as well as any other network, technology, communication lines, measures of information security management.

       ·Damage caused by a third party’s( like service provider) communication line fault, technical matter, network, computer fault, unstable system and other force majeure factors;

       ·The potential risks posed by others’ anonymous or pseudonymous message containing threat, defamatory, offensive or illegal content while using Winbo product, model and service.

       ·Psychological & physical damage and economic loss which are caused or possibly caused by being mislead or deceived while communicating with other users through this website or Winbo product, model and service.


       This website, Winbo products, model and service expressly state that we won’t express or implied to guarantee the timeliness, security,accuracy of Winbo and partner companies’ service.


       6. Intellectual Property

       1) Users are not allowed to publish information which infringe any third party's intellectual property rights. Without the prior written consent of the owner with relevant ownership, users should not, in any form, upload, post, amend, spread or copy the materials and trademark that is protected by copyright, as well as the proprietary information belonging to others. If we receive appropriate notification from any copyright owner or his legal representative, on the basis of review we will remove the content which infringe the others ‘copyright '.

       2) All Winbo graphics, text or its constituent involved in Winbo Service, as well as other Winbo logo, Winbo product and service name are trademark of Winbo. Without the prior written consent from Winbo, users should not display, use in any way or make other processing to Winbo logo; Any unit and individual should not use, copy, modify, spread, transcribe Winbo logo or bundle it with other products for selling.

       3) In addition to foregoing, if you think someone copies and publishes your works on Winbo Mall Service, and has constituted infringement of your copyright, please do not hesitate to contact us by email Also please provide a written notice containing the following information:

       ·(i)The ownership certificate which proves you are the owner of allegedly infringing content;

       ·(ii) A clear identification paper, address, contact way;

       ·(iii) The location of allegedly infringing content on Winbo Sevice;

       ·(iv) The description of copyright work which is infringed as you claim;

       ·(vi)On the premise of agreement to bear the consequences of perjury punishment; issue a written statement that contents stated in the notice are accurate and true.


       7. Modification and termination

       1) Modify

       •This agreement allows to changes. If there is any substantial changes, we will notify you by e-mail or announcement on winbo webside. After the notification of change, if you continue to use webside, products, models and services of winbo, you will deemed to have been aware of these changes and agree to be bound by the terms;

       •Winbo reserves the right to modify, retain or close this website, Winbo product, model, or any other services at any time;

       •You have agreed to Winbo has no responsibility for modifying the text, retaining or closing this website, Winbo products, programs or other services to you or any third party.


       2) Termination

       •This Agreement shall enter into force from the date of your acceptance, sustained in using this site, products, models and services, terminated according to this Agreement;

       •Notwithstanding the foregoing, if the time you use this site and winbo products, models and services earlyer than acceptance of this agreement to you, then you know or ought to know this and agree that this Agreement for the first time using this website and file your risk products, and services to take effect when the model, unless terminated earlier in accordance with this Agreement.

       3) We may: According to the law, we will reserves you the right to use this website, Winbo products, models and services, or this website account; Whether notification or not, we will terminate this Agreement at any time and for any reason t, including we believe you have violated other provisions of our acceptable Use Policy or in this Agreement.

       4) It is not limited by the preceding paragraph, if a user violated the copyright of a third  person and Winbo received the notification of the copyright holder or the copyright owner's legal agent, Winbo reserves the right to terminate this agreement.

       5) Upon termination of this agreement, your site account and the right to use this site , winbo products, models and services is terminated. You should be aware of your website account termination means that your User Content from our active database deleted. Winbo won’t be responsible for termination of this agreement, including termination of your user account and delete your User Content.

       6) The updated version of this site, Winbo products, models and services, update or other changes will be subject to this agreement.

       8. Other

       1) Feedback

        •Your suggestions to Winbo (or "feedback") is deemed to transfer all of your “feedback” rights and agree Winbo have the right in any reasonable way to use this feedback and related information. We will regard such feedback as non-confidential and non-proprietary;

       •You agree that you will not provide any of your text as confidential and proprietary information;

       •We reserve the right (not the obligation) to check our judgment based on user content. With or without notice, we reserve the right to delete or move your content for any reason and at any time. In accordance with the provisions of article 8, we have the right to retain or terminate your account.


       2) Privacy Policy

       •Please consult our "Privacy Policy", "Privacy Policy" for the effectiveness of this Agreement and is an integral part of equivalents.


       3) notice

       •You must provide a valid e-mail address that you use frequently recently. Winbo is not responsible for the risk of email cannot be send successfully, if the email address you provided can not be used or other reason. The website announcement and notification to you undoubtedly is constitute effective notice.


       4) applicable law

       •This agreement applies to legal People's Republic of China.

       •If  two  parties in dispute, should be compromise settle based on the principles of friendship; if the negotiation fails, it shall nstituted proceedings against WINBO SMART TECH CO.,LTD.

       5) Independence

       •If certain provisions of this agreement can not be applied for any reason, then the other provisions will continue to apply. And the provision can not applied will be modified so that it can be applied according to the law.

       6) Integrity

       •This Agreement (including the Privacy Policy) and text between your stroke risk with respect to this website and cultural products, models and services related matters the final, complete and exclusive agreement, and that the substitution and the parties with respect to such matters prior to the merger (including prior to the end-user license, the terms of service) discussion and agreement.

       •Every parts only to read and without any legal or contractual obligations.

       •Unless written permission of winbo, you can not transfer the rights and obligations of this agreement. Any violation of the above provisions and an attempt to transfer are invalid.


       9. CONTACTS

       ADD: No.38, Zhenzhong RD. Shenshan Industrial Area, Jianggao Town, Baiyun District, Guangzhou.

       Zip Code: 510460

       Tel: 020-66286608


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