"Winbo Smart Micro-Factory " Platform

Winbo Smart Micro-Factory –- Future Manufacturing

The goal: Promote "global design, local production " development

Now, we imagine a "global design, local production" world, a green, resource conservation, to meet the individual needs of the manufacturing model. Electricity from solar cells on the roof, in the city of farm grown food, daily necessities in your home or nearby smart micro-factory; using local 2D 3D printers and digital devices, and even the use of local raw materials, 3D printing Apple phone accessories Nike shoes, accessories and other products IKEA, and even your favorite cakes and other foods; each design will be based on your needs and personality, and the design can be your own or designer from anywhere in the world; "global design, local production " The idea of ​​a shared global design, production and reasonable distribution of urban and rural green distributed production.

3D printing, 2D digital, robots and IT technology has potential to meet the personalized products; localized 3D and 2D digital printing technology products to avoid products focused on mass production, eliminate waste, reduce transport pollution, production ground is your home or walk smart micro-factory; and friendly smart micro-factory hub just around the corner.

3D printers and 2D digital equipment will give policy-makers and entrepreneurs imagination, especially to improve the accuracy, cost reduction, accelerated development and supplies can be distributed in various communities manufacture; your favorite personalized products can send a document attachment (or online Design), at home or find a local smart micro-factory, you can use a much lower cost of manufacture. The near future, you need gifts, stationery, toys, household items, clothing and food, can you at your home or away from home just steps away from the smart micro-factory, we can achieve 100% customization.

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