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  • 1、 Could unregistered customers use the shopping cart?

  •    Yes, you may add your favorite item(s) to shopping cart while browsing the items on the WINBO Mall. At the same time, without being registered, you can only add 20 items the most to the shopping cart and payment cannot be made directly. If you need to add more items, or make payment for the selected items, you need to register as a member and register the PAYPAL account also to conclude the deal by PAYPAL.

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  • 2、 How to register as a Winbo Mall Member?

  •    Step 1: log on Winbo Mall home page, click on the top right corner "registered".



       Step 2: Fill in your information, pay attention to your e-mail address in case you need to retrieve forgotten password.



       Step 3: Make sure the information is correct, click on "Register Now".


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  • 3、 Why do you need to register as a member?

  •    When you become the registered member at WINBO Mall, you can enjoy the following services :


       1)Self-service for orders’ inquiry, modification and tracking at any time.


       2)You can participate in WINBO member’s Loyalty Plan to enjoy more membership benefits. 


       3)You can visit other columns within WINBO Mall by logging in the same account number directly.

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