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  •    1. Warranty for Winbo 3D printe


       1) Warranty period: within 6 months upon receipt of Winbo 3D printer from Express Company


       2) Spare parts under warranty: mainboard, LCD screen, keyboard, SD transfer board, power supply, motor and 

    structural parts (non-artificial damage).


       3) Wearing parts and filaments are not under warranty: nozzles, filaments like PLA and ABS, 3M tape, glass plate and 

    the tool set 


       4) The following problems are not subject to the warranty scope: 


       (1) mishandles in machine operation, maintenance or storage.


       (2) damage from private disassembly, repair or modification


       (3) No valid warranty certificate. The valid certificate or warranty certificate do not matched with the machine or they have been altered.


       (4) damage from irresistible factors such as natural disasters or used in bad conditions.


       2.Service options for different models: extend to 1 year (12 months), please pay charge for extended 

    warranty together with the machine


       1) MINI or VALUE 3D printer: charge USD400/year


       2) PRICTICAL/DRAGON/COOPER (S)/COOPER (L) 3D printer: charge USD500/year/set

       3) TIGER (S)/DRAGON (S) 3D printer: charge USD600/year/set


       4) TIGER (L)/DRAGON (L)3D printer: charge USD800/year/set


       5) SUPER TIGER/ SUPER DRAGON 3D printer: charge USD1000/year/set

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