3D print cost-effective customized service

The application of 3D printers make the synchronization of product development cycle and parts production come true, improve the quality and production speed of prototype processing greatly

Local accessories production

Make custom products making reach a new climax of by using 3 d printing technology

3D printer can print outstanding and superior quality prototypes, but also help us improve customer satisfaction by synchronizing the development cycle of complete automotive vehicles and OEM parts, . Easy to use make our designers become more creative.

Accelerating the forward momentum

Customization is a factor in the development of auto supplies company. Manufacturing and customizing parts for automobile, motorcycles, and other devices worldwide is one of the features of 3D printing, in order to meet the be fond of of different regional buyers. Parts play an important role in global sales of differentiation, so, now all over the world, there are two hundred to three hundred different parts are available for every vehicle model.
We must consider a series of factors in the parts design process, such as the be fond of of drivers, local weather and road conditions, etc., provide parts with specifications according to the requirements of different countries or regions. "Take Honda CR-V for example, in the United States, the main customers for this model are parents for picking up children ; in China, it is a symbol of identity as top SUV (sport utility vehicle) . Because the body shape of vehicles are made according to the world's leading manufacturers of the same standard, we have to do something on parts, make cars reflect different regional features." At that time you can complete it easily by using 3D printing.

Customized products through a cost-effective way

3D printer brings various advantages, brand new 3D printers can improve company's customized service. The application of 3D printers make the synchronization of product development cycle and parts production come true, improve the quality and production speed of prototype processing greatly. 3D printing technology has become an indispensable part in production.
The overall design process has improved too. There must be an operator to regulate all the way under the loud noise from the machine tool and ensure production safety when we use CNC machine to make prototyping for parts (internal or outsourcing production) before. Due to inefficient communication with contract party, and constantly delay very often, outsourcing projects may delay the products to be launched in the market.
The application of 3D printing technology makes these problems solved. Now designers can check 3D shape in real-time during design process and make some changes rapidly, which makes design quality reach a significant level. Bigger build volume of 3D printers supports designers to print larger parts, such as a wheel of 14 inches in diameter.
Mainly use rigid and opaque series of materials, and spray transparent layer for printed parts in post-processing to make its texture pretty close to the finished product.

From CNC machine to 3D printer

3D printing technology opens up a new road and make all customized service become more efficient. It costs a lot of labor and money to use CNC machine to experiment and test in the product development cycle before.
3D printing can turn ideas into reality in a very short time, it can be used in prototyping, matching and functional testing, and no one supervision under the state of operation. 3D printing technology will bring huge advantage for the product development.
Now choosing 3D printer mainly focuses on its print accuracy, speed, build volume, convenience of removing support material and the ability to create exquisite details, these are the key factor of product verification process.

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