3D Printing Application

In recent years, the news frequently, 3D printing in application field is expanded, almost everywhere. Aerospace, medical, education... The list goes on. It enables people to make functional prototypes to save money and reduce risk. It is changing people's life. Now it is time to more fully understand it.

Application industry

  • • Architecture
  • • Education
  • • Culture & Art
  • • Household articles
  • • Toys & Cartoon
  • • Manufacturing industry
  • • Advertisement & Sign
  • • Lighting industry


With the progressive improvement of 3d printing technology, researching & manufacturing of  3D printers and diversity of materials, from architecture model to final houses, 3d printing is proved to be able to subvert the traditional construction industry completely. For architects, they can use 3d design software to create designs quickly and print architecture models in a short time, and they can also detect and repair the deficiency, even complex model can do. Compared with traditional production of sand table, 3d printing architectural models cost less. WINBO 3D Printers can complete the architects' design in a short time, realize physical objects, achieve effective communication with the customers through different physical objects.


Why is 3D Printer used in Architecture?

  • 1. Architects can test the market potential, exchange ideas with potential buyers or raise funds from investors.

  • 2. Winbo 3D Printers work hard for you. If you are not satisfied, you can print again and fix the problem at any time.

  • 3. Easy to make texture, decoration and color to create a new dimension.

  • 4. You can print complex and geometrical shape.

  • 5. Less wastage, and only up to 90% usage of the raw material if using 3d printer to make architectural models.

3D Printing Application in Architecture industry

  • 1. Initial model
    3D printing can achieve any of your ideas, transfer your ideas into visible physical objects which you can share, discuss and improve with your customers or your fans together to improve customer satisfaction and reduce disputes.

  • 2. Urban planning
    3D printing can display urban planning in a few hours by three-dimensional form instead of plane form, which makes all insightful ideas and concepts be visible.

  • 3. Architectural models
    The real estate companies don't have to pay thousands of funds to a company specialized in architectural models for their opening landed estate. 3d printing can print estate design sketch directly, which saves complex communication process, expensive cost, long production cycle, etc.