What is 3D Printing?

3D printing is one kind of innovative rapid prototyping technology, which uses powdered metal, plastic material and other adhesive materials to construct the object layer by layer based on digital model file. It's commonly used in the field of mold manufacturing, industrial design, architecture, education, etc., appearing from the mid-1990s to today's development, 3D printers make amazing changes, and make you create anything you can imagine.

Know more about us and you'll see WINBO 3D Printer can create infinite possibilities.

How does 3D Printing work?

3D printing is also known as Additive Manufacturing (AM), because unlike traditional manufacturing, 3d printing doesn't need to cut materials, but to build the object layer by layer. In order to print something, you may need to create the 3d model you want at first, you can create the model by using 3d design software or you could scan the object you want to print with 3d scanner. Or there is a simpler choice, you can search and download the 3d model file for printing from Winbo Mall directly.

Once your design is ready, open it with Win Ware and set up the parameters, save it to the SD card in .gcode format. Insert the SD card to your WINBO 3D Printer and start printing.

But how does 3d printer work? Although there are several 3d printing technologies, FDM molding technology is the one used widely. Normally, feeder (as shown) sends plastic filament (as shown) to the extruder of 3d printer, and filament will be melted into fluid and extruded from the nozzle (as shown) on the build plate (as shown) under high temperature. What you need to do is to wait once it starts printing.

1. 3D Msterials

3. Nozzle

2. Injection molding

4. The print platform

What can you do with 3D Printing?

3d printer can create infinite possibilities, but now they become common tools in the field of engineering, product design, manufacturing and construction. Please find some typical applications below.

Model customization

You can get anything completely meet your customized product according to the size and shape you have in your mind, and this is difficult or even impossible to achieve by using other technology.

Complex geometry

3d printer can print unimaginable object easily. It's amazing to have these models 3d printed, because we can not only show the complex objects in a interesting way , but also help people know further more about the structure.

Typical Applications

Rapid prototyping

3d printing can create a model or prototype quickly which helps engineers,designers and enterprises with iteration, and feedback on their product design in a very short time.

Reduce cost

The low cost of 3d printing depends on the end-use parts and prototype, and the material and technology it use. The design of the product can reduce material waste greatly, and you can use material for printing according to the model.