How to use 3D Printing?

3D printing technology is used to create everything from 3D models to functional models, training aids and conceptual models—reliable and cost-effective. Life is everywhere with inspiration.

Application industry

  • • Conceptual models
  • • Functional prototypes
  • • End-use parts
  • • Tools, jigs and fixtures
  • • Prototyping and manufacturing
  • • Visual aids
  • • Courses education

Conceptual models

Visualized your concepts rapidly and economically

From the initial idea to 3D printing object, it may take only a few hours which is impossible to be achieved through CAD drawing. Then, you can keep modifying and verifying the model again and again, improve it ASAP and avoid heavy loss of failure in advance.

Why choose Winbo 3D Printer to make conceptual models?

  • 1.When you have a real final product, you could show your ideas much clear.

  • 2.3D printer can make models for you, once or twenty times as long as you need it to.

  • 3.It shortens the development cycle from months to only few days.

  • 4.You can create complex geometries freely those you can't make usually.

  • 5.It would reduce 90% of the waste of raw materials which is very environmentally friendly.

The really combination between concept molding and 3D printing

  • Open the market quickly

    Fast, efficient, accurate, these attributes help designers refine their ideas quickly, and get to the final design faster.

  • Refine views

    Handmade model is the past tense. Now, you can quickly create a low-cost conceptual model, so that make your original idea better.

  • Use Winbo 3D Printer

    Realize your ideas quickly and accurately, turn your ideas into conceptual models or prototypes, and continue to improve our ideas in the process.

  • Free labor model

    Now it is the time to forget the days of hand-made models. By using Winbo 3D Printer, you can focus on the final concept, rather than the modeling.